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We are proud to announce we've added another CPA to the firm! Casey comes to us with years of experience being a CPA in Denver, Colorado, toting a Bachelor's degree AND a Master's degree in Accounting from Auburn University. Casey's unique personality allows her to tackle projects with a fresh point of view, and an eye for detail. She is here to provide tax planning, consulting and advice to our clients, with a focus on real estate investors, law firms, and medical professionals, including chiropractors, anesthesiologists, doctors, dentists and orthodontists. What really makes Casey happy, though, is preparing business, Trust, and Estate tax returns. She actually used the word “love” in the same sentence as “Estate and Trust Returns,” so you know her feelings are real. Her passion for tax preparation perfectly caters to our clients that like to be worry free when it comes to tax planning and payments year-round.

Casey is also unique in the office because of her love for scary stuff! She LOVES horror films, and has even gone so far as to complete an entire photo shoot with her boyfriend featuring her 8 year old pug, Layla, as various serial killers. (The cutest Freddy Krueger you'll ever have a chance to see!) While she is a newcomer to Idaho, our lakes, rivers and streams have already captured her heart, the Foothills are her favorite place to hike so far, and she's still deciding which slopes are her favorite to ski. We can't wait to see what Casey has in store for us this winter, and we hope you can help welcome her to the office too! 


Bachelor’s Degree, Accounting, from Auburn University.

Professional Designation:

Master's Degree, Accounting, from Auburn University 

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