Leanna Nguyen

Leanna is our new intern this fall, coming in to learn and help us prepare for and get through the craziness that we expect this upcoming tax season to hold. She is learning the ins and outs of the office, and acting as a Tax Assistant for our tax team, making sure every client that we prepare a tax return for is in our files correctly, and ensuring that we know exactly where in the process we are with each one of them. With all of her interest in business and math, she's doing a great job keeping everything in order! 

Though she's the youngest in the office right now, with her still being a student at Rocky Mountain High School, she is not your typical 17 year old. Along with her high school classes and this internship, she is also dual-enrolled at CWI, taking psychology and philosophy. Family and community are very important to her, so whenever she is not working, doing homework or going to school, you can find her playing rugby or volunteering at Chief Joseph Middle school teaching a female student Vietnamese. Somehow she still finds the time to relax, watch Netflix, and hang out with her family and little sister, Elena. 

Leanna is doing a great job keeping our tax team organized and up to date with our many tax clients, and we're happy such a balanced, bright woman has decided to join our team for her last year of high school. 

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