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At Online Accounting we understand that challenging economic conditions, global competition and cost pressures have made it difficult for your manufacturing and distribution business to maintain margins and remain competitive in the marketplace. As financial, tax and consulting specialists, we work with private companies throughout the manufacturing sector to tailor our services to fit the specific needs of each business. Our individualized accounting services address your industry-specific challenges, compliance needs and industry standard tax practices. Chances are, if you've used or considered using QuickBooks software to complete your accounting, you've heard of our book, "The Engineer's Guide to QuickBooks".

We can assist you in areas such as:

·         Software selection  

·         Software integration between 3rd party applications like
          website orders, CRM, and accounting software

·         Profit contribution analysis

·         Cost reduction

·         Budgets/variance analysis

·         Cash flow management

·         Financial projections and operating budgets

·         Assistance with financing relationships

·         Compilations and reviews

·         Federal, state and local laws

·         Cost accounting

·         Business planning and investment decisions

We have worked with businesses in the following areas:

·         Industrial and commercial manufacturing

·         Consumer products

·         Distributors and resellers

·         Import and export manufacturing

·         Wholesalers and distribution centers

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